BrightWays Learning Systems

Why Teachers Like BrightWays

Advisory Teachers love how their "paper trail" of ILP and grade submission and approval is centralized in this easy-to-use system. Plus, adding logs, tracking last contact dates, and other features streamlines their work and communications. Advisory Teachers also have the ability to complete tasks on behalf of a teaching parent, as needed.

Managing Families & Students

BrightWays tools make easy work of locating families and students assigned to an Advisory Teacher. Teachers can use the handy search filters to quickly find a particular group or they can type in a Family or Student number or name to find a specific entry. Easy-access spreadsheet exports provide the most popular data for families and students, such as contact information and Last Contact dates. Every family and student has their own page where complete contact information, family members, log notes, and other key information is listed.

Screenshots showing families list and spreadsheet.

Individual Learning Plans (ILP)

Advisory Teachers can view and approve parent-built ILPs in real-time. Plus, search filters help focus the work load targeting ILPs with courses that have been submitted and are awaiting approval. The system can be pre-configured with district-approved Courses and Curriculum Vendors and "flags" other curriculum or third-party institutions responsible for providing grades. Parents can amend an approved course with Advisory Teacher assistance, and approved ILPs automatically revert to "building" status when parent submits a new course to the plan for review by the Advisory Teacher.

Screenshots of different views showing ILP processing.

Grades & Work Samples

Because Progress Reports are driven by the approved courses in the ILP, errors are readily avoided and grade expectations are clear. Teachers use search features similar to those for ILPs to help them prioritize their work load. BrightWays also supports management of Work Samples by prompting course association and providing Advisory Teachers a "checkoff" of sample acceptance. Parents can immediately see that grades have been approved and view comments from their Advisory Teacher. Advisory Teachers can also print a report in hard copy or PDF format. Approved grades show instantly on the student's official transcript.

Screenshot showing Progress Report processing.

Tracking Education Standards

For each course on a student's ILP, parents can select state or national education standards to help them provide an appropriate and comprehensive course. Advisory teachers can easily assist parents in developing their instructional plan and help them apply this tool for tracking student progress throughout the year.

Screenshot showing how parents can select and then track mastery of standards.

Log Entries

Advisory Teachers can write log entries on a family, an individual student, an enrollment, or an ILP. When adding a log entry for a family, teachers select whether that note should be recorded as a formal "Last Contact" with the family. (This supports programs that require regular meaningful contact with a family.) The most recent date for Last Contact is flagged and also displays on the Families list page and in the easy-access spreadsheet export. In addition to directly typing into the log field, email content can be copied and pasted here. A handy Log Report can be generated with one click to view a compilation of log entries for an entire family. Advisory Teachers can also use the Logs tab to search through all logs.

Screenshot showing how to add a Log Entry.
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