BrightWays Learning Systems

Role/Access Overview

The BrightWays Learning System provides secure login access to all users. Additionally, it offers several discrete roles to allow specially designated groups of users access authorized areas of the system to perform their key, related tasks.

Items listed in the Resources section of the BrightWays system can be designated as viewable by the various user roles. For example, families can access educational subscription logins but not the timesheet template provided for employed teachers.


Registrars have the broadest access in the system and handle the major tasks

  • Manage system users
  • Manage and process Signups — new families/students
  • Manage existing families/students, including demographics & reporting data
  • Manage Enrollments
  • Input transfer credits
  • Input & view log entries
  • Verify & view grades
  • Input & view state test scores
  • Generate official transcripts

Advisory Teacher

Teachers efficiently oversee the educational management of their families & students.

  • Develop, review & approve student courses
  • Approve student Individual Learning Plan (ILP)
  • Review & approve term grades
  • Review & approve student Work Samples
  • Add, edit & view all log entries
  • Quickly review family’s “Last Contact” date
  • View family information
  • Access Family Dashboard
  • Ability to re-enroll students and enroll new students in active family
  • View all student information
  • View Signups — family information and Enrollment Application

Family Rep

Family Reps have limited access to basic family contact information.

  • View family & student lists for all region
  • View family’s contact information
  • Input log entries on family
  • View self-authored log notes


An enrolled family can easily manage their education plans & progress.

  • Create & submit courses for student’s Individual Learning Plan (ILP)
  • Quickly find the email addresses for their Contact Teacher and Family Rep
  • Update basic family information, including both physical and mailing addresses
  • Input & submit student term grades
  • Upload student Work Sample documents
  • Request enrollment, re-enrollment, and withdrawal of their students

Special Access

There are a few special tasks that key staff members need to handle, so BrightWays allows those users with generally limited access to be provided specific access to each of these types of tasks on an as-needed basis. Special Access Roles are used in conjunction with a User Role. The minimum User Role level that must be given is Family Rep.

Office Admin

  • Input Family ID number
  • Assign Contact Teacher & Family Rep
  • Edit Family and Parent contact information
  • Edit Parent login
  • Change secondary parent’s family association

Computer Tracking

  • View, edit, and add computer and other equipment that has been distributed to a family (such as through a lease program, for example). Includes serial number tracking and configurable payment plan options.


  • Generate reports
  • Assign Contact Teacher & Family Rep
  • Build Custom Exports


  • Assigned to a family and searchable by individual counselor or coach
  • Can trigger “Last Contact” for assigned family when adding a log entry

Manage Settings

Makes available the “Admin” tab for managing system configurations, including:

  • ILP — Subjects, Basecourses, Curriculum Sources, Assessment Types, Resources, and GLE Priorities
  • Family — Regions and Computer Purchase Programs
  • Enrollment — School Years, (School) Terms, Programs, Graduation Requirements, and Transcript Tests
  • State Reporting — Races, Coded Descriptions, Holidays
  • Application Settings — Options
  • Manage names, logins, and access roles of Staff Members
  • Manage custom database fields for Enrollments, Students, and Families
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