BrightWays Learning Systems

Why Registrars Like BrightWays

Managing families, student information, transcripts, and so much more is a breeze with BrightWays. The system shows up-to-date student course grades, calculates graduation progress, and makes processing new students into the program easy and efficient.

New & Return Enrollments

New families can join your program using an integrated online enrollment form, collecting family and student information you need and automatically adding it to your program's database organized in a module for easy processing. Re-enrolling existing students into the next school year is simplified with a one-click re-enroll button parents can access. Plus, and they can easily enroll new family members into your program. Registrars (and Advisory Teachers) can also manage the process on behalf of the parents.

Screenshots showing families list and spreadsheet.

Managing Families & Students

Easily update and keep track of family and student demographics, contact information for parents and emergency contacts as well as state and federal report data. Plus, teachers and other administrative staff can view most current information immediately, on demand from office or home. View complete family contact information on one web or printed page, or easily export family or student lists.

Screenshots of different views showing ILP processing.

Enrollments & Historic Records

BrightWays is set up so that every individual student may have one or more enrollment periods. This allows perfect flexibility for tracking a student's participation every school year and even multiple entries/exits within the same school year. Integrated enrollment management also includes simple transfer course and credit input from other institutions or programs.

Screenshot showing Progress Report processing.

Transcripts & Graduation Requirements

Transcripts are auto-generated by approved grades from enrollment in your program and from any transfer credits input for the student. BrightWays can be custom-configured to set up one or more graduation requirement tracks and displays the credits required and credits earned for quick assessment of a student's progress. Registrars also have specific access to generate official transcripts directly from the system, which can include your program's specific watermark. Key exams, such as HSGQE and SAT/ACT, can also be displayed on transcript.

Screenshot showing how to add a Log Entry.
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