BrightWays Learning Systems

Parent Guide (PDF)

Why Parents Like BrightWays

Intuitive interface helps parents easily create Individual Learning Plans (ILPs) and submit Progress Reports (grades and work samples). Parents can also update their own contact information and see in real-time when Advisory Teachers have approved ILPs and grades.

Individual Learning Plans (ILP)

Teaching parents access an easy-to-use form to develop a customized Individual Learning Plan (ILP) for each of their students. The online Course form provides options based on their support program's guidelines and each student's grade level. Parents create and submit ILP Courses for Advisory Teacher approval. Online, real-time updating allows parents and their Advisory Teachers to review current ILPs simultaneously on different computers.

Screenshots of different views showing commenting and review process.

Grades & Work Samples

Driven by the ILP, recording grades, comments about student progress, and related Work Sample uploads are a breeze in BrightWays. Simply choose the particular term, then select the awarded grade for each course. Parents can add course progress summaries, upload Work Samples in electronic format (images, slideshows, audio files, PDFs, etc.), and add overall comments for communicating to the family's Advisory Teacher. Like the ILP, adjustments can be made before the entire report is submitted to the Advisory Teacher for review.

Screenshots of different views showing commenting and review process.

Tracking Education Standards

For each course on a student's ILP, parents can select state or national education standards to help them provide an appropriate and comprehensive course. Integrated tools not only allow parents to select standards from one or more content areas and grade levels, but also to customize to each student's learning level. An interactive calendar supports year-long instructional planning and checking mastery of individual standards.

Screenshot showing how parents can select and then track mastery of standards.

Family Dashboard

After logging in, the parent lands on their Family Dashboard. From there, they can easily navigate to a student's ILP, Progress Report, past enrollments, enroll more children, and update their own contact information which auto-notifies program staff. The system includes places for both physical and mailing addresses to help ensure shipments get routed to the best receiving location. If your program also helps families purchase equipment, such as computers, then a family also sees that equipment listed on their Dashboard for handy reference.

Screenshots of different views showing commenting and review process.


Parents can also access any additional system or program-specific information in this centralized system by visiting the Resources section. Here, parents can change their login password, find tutorials on how to use the BrightWays system, and program-related materials such as handbooks, shared logins to subscription-based learning resources, forms, key dates, and other helpful information.

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