BrightWays Learning Systems

About Us

WorldWide Independent Distance Education of America (WW IDEA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization launched in 2002. Our mission is to enhance learner achievement through technology and collaboration. We develop and offer innovative solutions to help students learn in their own most productive environment and to help others provide related educational opportunities. Working with public and private schools, homeschools, and others, we specialize in providing educational programs, software, and services worldwide to help ensure every student's success.

Our founders recognized the critical need for choice and change in education. The traditional classroom methods have failed to meet the needs of all students. This downward trend is evident in dropping student achievement, rising homeschool numbers, and the growth of charter and alternative schools. WW IDEA is the culmination of the experience of our board, staff and associates in our shared desire to provide refreshing and effective methods to meet every student's unique needs.

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BrightWays Learning Systems was developed from years of experience working with homeschool support programs in Alaska and and Idaho. WW IDEA also operates its own fully accredited Private Academy that serves families across the globe who choose to educate their children in the home, especially military families living abroad. For our own management of families, students, enrollments, etc. our parents, advisory teachers, and administrators rely on the BrightWays system to make their work and communications easy, efficient, and accurate. In fact, running our program would be much more challenging without it — thank goodness for BrightWays!

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